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Carter Center Board of Councilors Meeting (Sept. 17, 2021)

The Board of Councilors was founded in 1987 at the initiative of President Carter and Ivan Allen III as a leadership advisory group that serves to advance understanding of and support for The Carter Center and its activities among private-sector opinion leaders in Atlanta and Georgia. Members attend quarterly meetings and act as informed advocates of The Carter Center in the circles in which they have influence.

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There are more than 200 councilors, with representatives from among the top leadership of Atlanta and Georgia businesses. The governor of Georgia, the mayor of Atlanta, and the president of Emory University are ex-officio members.

Membership is granted for three years, and the group is divided into three classes so there is a gradual rotation of members. A small number of senior members who have demonstrated sustained support for The Carter Center have been named life members.

Since its creation, the board has been chaired by some of Atlanta's most distinguished civic leaders. Ivan Allen III served as founding chairman, with Robert M. Holder Jr. as vice chairman.

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